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Tips For Staying Clean and Sober

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Here are some tips to help you stay clean and sober...

� Take the 12 Steps of Cocaine Anonymous.
� Go to 90 meetings in 90 days.
� Don't use between meetings.
� Don't drink or use no matter what.
� Throw away all your drug paraphernalia.
� Get a sponsor.
� Call your sponsor every day.
� Avoid people, places and things that you associate with drug use.
� Don't deal drugs.
� Get phone numbers and use them.
� If no one is home, and you're in trouble, call the Hotline.
� Be of service; get a commitment at a meeting.
� Go to coffee after meetings.
� Remember that you don't have to stay sober the rest of your life. We only do this one day at a time.
� Don't get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired (H.A.L.T.).
� If the connection calls, hang up.
� Read the books and literature.
� If you think of using, think it through--all the way through.
� No matter what happens, keep coming back.
� Seek a Higher Power.
� Ask your Higher Power to keep you clean and sober each day.
� Stick with the winners.
� Ask questions.
� Make sobriety your #1 priority.
� Be Honest, Open-Minded and Willing (H.O.W.).
� Don't be hard on yourself, recovery takes time. We care.

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